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Tracy Tan Chooi Har
Joined Allianz : 2005
Position : Sales Manager
Previous Occupation : Indoor Sales Assistant
I think it’s true when people says ‘choice is more important than effort’. I was lack of market connection and have no sense of direction, most people are better than me. But because I have chosen LYS, it leads me to success. Honour has made me become someone passionate now. Everyone has a dream but not everyone is living their dreams. I am so glad to be able to fight, learn and grow together with my mates in Power Group and to realise my dreams. This let me continue to grow stronger and live bigger!
Crystal Tong Poi Theng

Joined Allianz: Year 2011

Position: Agent

Previous Occupation: Receptionist



Talents are everywhere, however seldom can they be recognised. I am so lucky to have met Master Lo in my life. His advice and encouragement are what made me who I am today. He has inspired me and helped me in living the best version of myself.

Joanne Choo Chew Yuen

Joined Allianz: Year 2014

Position: Agent

Previous Occupation: Admin Clerk


Testimonial :
I have always known insurance industry has a great potential and broad prospect. Ever since I met Master Lo, my career started to move up. I have accomplished my 2014’s goals under Master Lo’s guidance in just a year’s time. I received Star Master Award and Iron Man Award, qualified for overseas company trip and hit nearly RM300,000 deals in the same year! I owe my success to Master Lo, Tracy Tan, my supportive customers, and of course my dearest colleagues. Their support, encouragement and advice have made my life more fulfilling and wonderful!

Sandy Tong Wai Jeng

Joined Allianz: Year 2012

Position: Agent

Previous Occupation: Hair Stylist


Insurance is a very sacred career, it is not merely to help customers getting a life protection but it also allows me to have a sense of accomplishment! In the Power Group, we work as a family, we learn, improve and grow together. What’s more, I am grateful for Master Lo’s nurture, guidance and support along the way. His innovation system works for anyone. As long as you are willing to learn, your future will never be a dream anymore!

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